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We have already met some INTPs, what type are you?

What is your career, and how well do you think it suits you?

Let us know!


Coach Michele
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I am an INFJ and a librarian, which is an ideal career for me. For several years, my career was focused on youth-services public librarianship, which offers much independence, creativity and artistic expression, teaching, advocacy, and sharing a love of learning with the community. I do not currently have this type of position (there are many different aspects of librarianship), and greatly miss my work with kids and their families; I feel like this is my life's work.  I am currently looking into returning to that part of my profession.

I am extremely artistic, but also require a very structured work environment, and being able to teach arts and crafts classes, information literacy, and other types of workshops and programs is very fulfilling work for me.
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