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Being a coach, I have found that there are many different definitions of success:


To some, it may mean riches, a big house, two new cars, and nice jewelry.


To others, it may mean helping the world be a better place.


Or, it could mean happiness, fulfillment...Internal peace and joy.


Let me ask you (and I know you are out there, please join the discussion), what does success mean to you?

Coach Michele
Creator, My Life Coach

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To me, a rich man is just a poor man with money. Success for me means achieving what I set to to achieve. My goals are more about my lifestyle, helping others, having good relationships with family, friends and colleague and doing cool things so when I do any of those things I feel very satisfied. For me, success looks like making something beautiful, spending good times with friends, helping someone, whether a client or random person, having leisure time to do what I want, traveling or even cooking a great meal for my family.

Sure, I do miss sometimes and I fall flat on my face. I pick myself up, dust myself off and try something different. Failure often presents opportunities to learn and grow and that's not a bad outcome either.


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I like this quote about success by Dale Carnegie: "Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get."
Because we can have success and still not be happy.  Just watch the news and you'll see example after example of stories where people have achieved success, but not happiness.  I think the true measure of success should be how much joy are you experiencing?  It's not the material accumulations that satisfy us, nice as they can be.  It is the amount of joy.  What makes you feel joy?  Whatever it is - go do that.  When you can do for your daily work what brings you the most joy - you are living a blessed life here on this planet.

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For me success is to become,what you always want to be ......Transformation of your desire into reality is Sucess.

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Great question Michele.  I feel successful when I am working from a place of deep satisfaction.  When I am connected to who I really am and find myself working from my innermost talents and interests I fell successful.  It's more of an internal sense that I'm following my path instead of reacting to outside events or doing things that don't really speak to me.  I feel successful when I am being the real me.

Take care,


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