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This is one I resisted for a long time:




It is the most important factor in your success.  Gratefulness for not only what you have, but what is to come, and everything that comes your way.


When you are in a state of gratefulness - there are so many disempowering emotions you simply can't hold at the same time:  Worry, Disappointment, "I'll be happy when X happens" thinking, Pessimism, Lack, Anger, Frustration, Hopelessness...It goes on and on!  Gratefulness can be the cure for all of these and more.


Many people have to go through a major trauma or loss to realize what they had all along.  Don't let this happen to you! 


Right now, remind yourself of:


The amazing part of the world you live in

The people in your life

Your pets and wildlife in your life

The natural beauty around you

The ability to think, feel and make decisions

Whether you are in great health or not, the abilities that you do possess

The challenges before you that can only make you stronger and more capable

Your ability to choose happiness, love and peace


I know this might sound corny, but give gratefulness a try.  Remind yourself every day of all the things you have to be grateful for.  Try it for one week, and see if it doesn't make you feel great, and get great results in your life.




Coach Michele
Creator, My Life Coach

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Wow ! It seems that this is a very noble profession. You are helping a lot of people Michele. That must make you feel really good about yourself and your life. You set a good example for one making a living from a well adjusted life. Very impressive.

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It seems kind of quiet here!


Why don't you ask a question about something you want to be coached on?


You might get some good answers....


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I have found being grateful or thankful very rewarding. 

If you find yourself being generally thankful all the time, the negative thoughts have no place in your mind.

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As a coach I find gratefulness and appreciation of self to be in short supply except for people who have been through a 12 step program. I live my live in gratefulness and appreciation of what I have and of those around me.

As a coach I do my best to help my clients learn how to really appreciate what they have. More than once I have found clients telling me that they didn't do much this week then proceed to tell me about amazing things they have done and terrific things that have happened to them. I stop them and ask them to savour these things and to really appreciate themselves and the fruit that their efforts have birthed. The most common response is: Wow! I never saw it that way before." It reminds me of that old saying: "Stop and smell the roses".

Bradley Foster


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Well, you've hit the nail on the head, Michele.  Gratitude is not only the road to happiness, it is absolutely the way to get more of whatever you want into your life.  When we are focused on gratitude it shifts us out of the "what's in it for me" or "I need to get" mentality.  When we are focused on our own need - we are pointed in the wrong direction.  Whatever we focus on expands and therefore we get MORE need!  The challenge is to change the thought of the need with the solution (looking ahead) and be grateful for where you stand (the present).  I heard one speaker put like this: The ultimate balance to strike is between "happy right now" and "looking at your vision of the future."  Looking back and focusing on what you don't have are both losing strategies.

Christina Watson
Featured Coach

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I don’t know what to say. This is certainly one of the better post I have read. You’re so insightful, have so significantly actual stuff to bring to the table. 

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Being grateful helps you keep a positive outlook. If one is not thankful for what is around him/her, it will be difficult to find contentment and happiness around the corner.

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Is this an active forum site?

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Good post and responses here on gratitude.

Having gratitude is a true blessing but being able to accept gratitude is equally important. In some coach/client relationships gratitude can be a bit subdued by the mere fact of a service being provided in exchange for a service however when both parties are able to move beyond this stage is when the magic happens.

Happy Thanksgiving To All!


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I think that the most important factor, the No. 1 by far is focus. A study that asked more 1000 of the most successful business men/women showed that their answer was almost 99% that Focus is the most important factor for their success.

Of course, having a vision is a must, The Alpha factor. You don't even start without having a vision.

Dejan Davchevski, The founder and owner of Life Coach Code


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I have to agree that showing gratitude is an important factor, but going one step further I see a positive outlook and happy disposition as being the most important factors in success which includes showing gratitude at times. I came across this video recently and saw it as a great opportunity to see how helping others in a positive way helps boost people's outlook and thus motivates them to be more successful:

Id love to hear thoughts or ideas on activities or practices on how people can do one small thing a day bringing positivity into their lives by offering support for others. 
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