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Do you have a gift for the world?  It may just be an idea to coach around, or an particular interest, or a topic that piques your curiosity.  The fact that you are interested in it is a message for you.  Perhaps it is for you to teach it.  My first coach told me, “You only teach what you need to learn.”  This was news to me – but what a freeing concept!  In other words, I don’t have to know everything there is to know on my subject.  In fact, my enthusiasm is enough to begin taking it to the world.  The world will then deliver to me my teachers, who are also my students. 


Did you know that research shows that if you teach someone else something you have learned within 48 hours, you have an 80% chance of retaining that knowledge?  Well, it seems the universe is skewed toward us teaching each other, doesn’t it?  A grand scheme indeed.


So I encouraged my students, and I am encouraging you as well, to gather your passion/interest/enthusiasm into a deliverable form and take it to the world.


Here are the 3 steps you need:


Step 1 is as simple as declaring that you will be a conduit for your information to flow through.


Step 2 usually involves writing down the ideas flowing through your mind.  It may involve research, prayer, meditation, etc. but when you are finished you should have some materials that others can learn from.


Step 3 can take the form of a classroom where students will physically travel to, or an online course, or a tele-class.  It may be a book, or an audio or an e-course.


The important thing is to get started.  As Emerson so aptly put it, “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”


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Thank you for sharing such a nice post with us.
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