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New Member
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hello all, im new to the disscusion nice to meet all of you.

i am a teenager about to get done with highschool. i usually play games all the time since i dont have many people to hang out with.

im having a bit of a problem with self confidence. is there any way to help with this? im homeschooled right now so i dont have to much of a social life, although i cant say i have none since i meet up on weekends with friends and on tus i have a 45 min gymnastics class. but i've found myself always thinking someone is looking down on me or getting anoied at me. i always think of the worst result when i want to do somthing, and assume that it will happen. i dont want to be mean, and i get afraid to make others mad while also i can have attitude or annoince problems somtimes. somtimes i even feel like i dont really care and jsut worry about myself and get ticked at others for little things. i dont like doing, but i've found myself doing it somtimes just becouse i dont want to be bored or not able to do anything.

any advice on how to improve the situation?


Posts: 3
I would say, give yourself some sort of goal to achieve, other than in your gymnastics or schooling.  Make it something that you aren't already sure you can do.

Then let someone know you are trying to do it - family or friends, or even classmates at your gymnastics class. 

Then, go and achieve!  You will feel great.

Pro Member
Posts: 19
Another approach is to ask yourself this question upon waking: Who can I help today?  Then as you go throughout your day and are faced with each person you meet, ask yourself silently: How can I help this person?  When you ask the question, your mind will supply the answer.

If you focus on how you can be of service to others, you automatically stop focusing on yourself.  Over-focusing on ourselves leads to a bunch of negative outcomes (over critical of ourselves and others, skewed view of the world, depression etc) There is a saying that goes, "You can have anything you want if you will help others get what they want."  So it's a funny thing about this Universe that we live in.  It's set up so that if you want to be happy, excited, enthused about your own life, the way to do it is to enhance someone else's.

Try it.  You'll be amazed.
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