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New Member
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how does one qualify to be a coach? what qualifications must one have? how do i feel substantively confident in my coaching ability?

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Hi Jim,


These are some of the toughest questions for someone wondering if they could become a coach.  We will start with the simplest answers, and work towards the harder ones!


 - To my knowledge, most places don't have any specific qualifications for calling yourself a coach (check in your state/province.)  Many coaches opt for voluntary certification through the IAC or ICF (search on google to find those.)


- As to what *qualifies* you...There are several things that can qualify you...Some of the things could include (generally, the more of these, the better!):

  • Background as a successful businessperson, consultant, professional, entrepreneur, etc.
  • Background in self-development
  • Background in education, training, management or mentoring
  • Have achieved success in your own life
  • You are a good listener
  • You aren't out to change anybody (but you enjoy and are good at facilitating the evolution of others)
  • You are good at seeing the unseen
  • You are good at seeing the obvious
  • Many other specific qualities that can go into a good coach
  • Specific coach training


- How do you feel confident as a coach?  That is a much tougher question.  I concentrate on:

  • The results my clients are getting
  • Feedback from my clients

I know I am doing it right when it feels good and is energizing and evolutionary for myself and the client.


Many of these questions are handled in David Woods CoachStart Manual.


Hope that helps!


Coach Michele
Creator, My Life Coach

Posts: 9

I would also highly recommend David Woods Coach Start Manual if you are thinking of becoming a coach.


He is a wealth of info on everything you need to know about getting started in coaching.


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Pro Member
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To throw my two cents in I would strongly recommend looking at Co-Active Coaching by Laura Whitworth et al. It covers all the basis and gives you a simple methodology. The second edition comes with a CD that has sample coaching conversations and coaching standards like the life wheel, goal setting worksheets and so on. I have met a few highly credentialed coaches and I wasn't impressed. At the end of the day if you need the credentials to boost your self confidence then perhaps coaching isn't for you.

I know there are some fabulous coaching programs out there that can help you grow as a coach but I bet my house that there are many more lousy programs.

Coach Bradley


New Member
Posts: 1
Coach Brian here. My credentials are a masters in counseling and a masters in teaching. Ask Michele to set you up with the career package for$250. I am co founder of mylifecoach and will be posting on the discussion board daily to answer your coaching and career counseling.

Live your dream!
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