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"Without Joy in your life, you are powerless" Joyce Meyer

Power your life with joy today. Commit to thinking joyful thoughts, create ways to manifest joy in your life, and to embrace joy in your life. Sounds easy- or maybe it sounds incredibly difficult to you.  

Do you wake up in the morning and wait for a second to "see how you feel"? And does "how you feel" create your day. For instance, if you feel tired, sad, a bit depressed,etc- do these feelings drive your day? I have to say, for many years of my life it did. My day depended on how I felt when I woke up- even if I put on a cheery face- I still had kind of a dreary day.

Then, I learned that my feelings did not have to program my day. I could deliberately and thoughtfully change my feelings. This is how I work my process and you can do it, too. It starts the night before. I fall asleep intending to wake up filled with joy and inspired with many creative thoughts. When I wake up- even before my eyes are fully open- I affirm that the day is indeed filled with joy and I am truly inspired. I do use an appreciation list- sometimes its a mental list- sometimes I write it down. If it's sunny- I appreciate  the sunshine. If its cloudy- I appreciate  the cloudiness- the point is -it is the gift of the day. When I journal- I start with - "Thank you for this beautiful glorious day"- no matter what the weather is doing. 

If I step out of bed and my knees or my feet ache a bit- I praise and bless my health. Okay...I think you are getting the picture. There are always at least two ways to look at any situation and I refuse to get sucked into feeling sorry for myself or sinking into unhappiness.

I know that God (you might choose to use Higher Power) is in my life and bigger than any problem or obstacle. I am secure in this knowledge and secure in truly feeling the bigness of God Power.

Think of the power manifesting in your life when the small, petty things don't impact you. Think of the power manifesting in your life when you meet the big problems (remember- no problem is bigger than God Power) with grace, faith and joy.

It is this confidence that enables me to feel true joy every day- and let joy power my day. Your joy power is what truly attracts good to you.

Embrace joy and feel the power.


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Great points Sheri.  I've found that it takes conscious effort and practice for people to redirect negative thoughts.  Perhaps we should all emphasize that change doesn't occur because we do something once, it takes deliberate effort over time.  At first it may seem like we're making no difference or headway but, as time passes, we get better and better at changing our negative thought patterns.  Luckily, we don't have to master it all at once.

Take care,

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