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Whats up. I tested intp in a psycology class about a year ago and then again about 2 months ago. Ive browsed around and have been amazed how similar i am to people here. I have always felt out of place. I cant stand small talk. It amazes me how people can elaborate on the simplest topics. I have been caught laughing unexpectedly to myself because I was lost in my head and thinking of something funny and everyone looks at me funny which makes me laugh more. I personally love being an intp. Ive always avoided the norm. I have always thought if everybody is doing it, it must not be good. Anyways. I am in school right for an associates degree in computers with a concentration in programming.  Once I graduate I am planning on getting a job and going on for my bachelors.  Not sure if this is the right place to ask this , but can you make a career in computers with just an associates? 
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