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Every single moment in your life is very important. This why you should be certain of the things you do. Making the most out of your life is the best thing you could ever do and seeking for quotes on life coaching can be a great help. Those who are feeling that they are down or they are prisoners of bad experiences of the past, quotes for life coaching is really a great option.

Everyone learns in every experience though perceived by failure. With life coaching, you can turn mistakes into valuable lessons, take failures as blessings and finally make life worth living.

Since there are still people who are physically and emotionally abused and needs help with regards to these problems, life coaching is indeed an uprising business today. In addition, not only does a professional life coach earn profits, he or she is also able to help and that could really give a great feeling. So whether you want to be a professional or just help your self and others, life insurance quotes are really of great help.


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I couldn't agree more, the challenge is many coaches haven't been set up to win on HOW to make their business a successful one. Here are 3 tips I have for new coaches, or anyone who wants to know how to get more clients. 

1) Get or create a marketing FUNNEL. Simply offering 'free sessions' is too hard, not effective. Today with people being bombarded by FB, Tweets, IMing, Texting, we have to SELL free. In the 80's we could get away with just offering "free", but today it's a whole new game. This means creating something of value for your potential client to get to know you - webinar, ebook, video, etc. 
2) Follow up system. It takes the average buyer 9 to 12 times of 'touching' before they consider becoming a client. This means having an auto-responder system set up, blogging, and the combination of social media. 
3) Learn the difference between ENROLLING vs COACHING. My mistake starting out was I would give so much value in the 'free' session and assume my prospect would want to work with me, WRONG! I had to learn how to structure my enrollment session to give my potential client a TASTE of what coaching was, and inspire them to become a client. 
Hope that is helpful coaches!

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