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New Member
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Hey Everyone,
Wow for the first time in my life i begin to understand myself and my tendencies in this forum..I have always felt alone,misunderstood and having a million options to life situations.Am happy that am aint crazy..I have often wondered why i oftenly change jobs and get bored easily after mastery in a certain field....i constantly crave novelty and change..I am 28years,i have been in sales for the last 5 years(i love the freedom and autonomy),for one year i worked in a bank,left my job,moved to medical insurance for a year then finally am now in motor insurance for 3 years...The money isnt bad at all, am good at what i do but i have been thinking of quitting and starting my own business...I also have a transport business on the side...I have been thinking of going business fulltime for the last one year but i havent gathered enough guts to do so(i fear failure). I have many ideas like trading in oil,importing spareparts,clothes etc..I guess i have a passion for business but i dot want to be bogged down in the details i guess...
Its shocking that am 28years and am still trying to figure out my life....I also been thinking about relocating and starting my life over in another country..but what about my business???I am just trying to figure out my life i guess???
Someone help me to sift through the one million thoughts going through my head..


New Member
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Hi everyone
Good to know that my INTP issues are common to others. I find it also upsetting though that in posts problems are identified and they are common to INTP population but no common solution is found, instead it sounds like everyone has to find its own remedy. Which seems a bit hopeless given we were living with these complications for quite sometime already

New Member
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Like so many of you before me, I'm experiencing a career crisis in my twenties.

I'm an INTP, but I sometimes have J tendencies. This is actually very frustrating to me because I get VERY anxious at irresolution, but I am paralyzed when it comes to actually making (and following through with) decisions.

My story is basically the same as has been stated before. I'm 26 and I have a degree in English, which is exactly as useless as it sounds. I've found myself stuck in the same horrible job field (pharmacy technician) since I was 18 years old simply because a girl's gotta eat, ya know? This field is...not ideal for my particular temperament and skills, but I slog through.

I can think of some jobs I think I would like, but don't have the right competencies for. I was average in math and science, but choosing English in college caused me to really lose a lot of those skills. Like a few of you said before me, I had some trouble in college after getting really bored in my last few years, and really screwed myself out of being able to make it into grad school without a lot of effort. But besides that, I can't imagine going back to school for some things...I really can't imagine forcing myself to write even one more essay.

I even finally got the nerve to try to get a Computer Science degree, but I couldn't quite hack it, and found that programming wasn't nearly as easy as I would have liked. I tried, and I failed, and now the idea of adding any more student loan debt makes me feel ill.

One thing I was struck by after reading all the previous posts in this thread is the job hopping so many of you seem to have had in your lives. I can't quite puzzle out how you all must have managed to convince people to hire you to perform jobs for which you seemingly had no experience. The idea of actually COMMITTING to leave cushy jobs to plunge into the unknown is quite unfathomable to me (I guess that might be part of my J coming into play).

Anyway, I may not have a choice in the matter here soon. The company I work for was sold to another company, and there's been a lot of uncertainty about whether they will keep the lot of us as employees. In this economy, I'm pretty fearful about what that will mean for me, especially when my experience, education, and interests don't exactly align.

So for anybody who may have insight -- how do you other INTPs get the courage to go after different vocations (and how did you convince people to actually hire you), and would anybody have a suggestion for an INTP whose major aptitudes lie in the language/reading/writing sphere?


New Member
Posts: 1
Hi Michelle,

To put it simply, I believe INTPs must find a career that satisfies our rational thinking minds, and--if we are still feeling unfulfilled--find a side career/hobby (or 20) that satisfies the need for open-endedness and intuitiveness/creativity. If you can find both (either in multiples jobs/hobbies or in one job, if you are really lucky), than you will find happiness. I admit, sometimes I feel too lazy to put that much work into it, but sometimes you have to work for happiness. Which brings up the other issue of follow-through. We will always feel inadequate if we never try to achieve our goals. Because otherwise, we're just sitting around doing a whole lot of thinking, and nothing else, and then we die. We have to force ourselves to go for it, and I know it's not easy for us. So even if it's 1 hour a week, put some effort into making your ideas a reality. Personally, once I get over that hurdle, that's when I find the most happiness.

I work in a very routine job in science, which does not fulfill my happiness, but does fulfill other rational needs, so it is hard to justify a career change. My main hobby (though I have several) is gardening, and I am passionate about it (and I am not passionate about much, so trust me when I say I am not throwing the word "passionate" around, lightly). Gardening may be one of the only things that truly excites me. Plants. Weird, I know. I used to think so, too. It started out as a side job in college. But here's what made me love gardening: there are so many plants, so much to learn about, so many classifications and details about each, they are beautiful, and you can get creative with color schemes and gardening styles. I have loads of gardening and garden-design books that I have read cover to cover. So yeah, I love gardening. But I also know it won't pay the bills. I don't want to own a plant nursery/greenhouse and work 7 days a week bc I enjoy my time off to pursue other hobbies as well, and I don't want to be responsible for that much. So having it as a side hobby satisfies me quite well.

I've known I was an INTP since I took a career test given to me by the career counselor at my college. I have sworn by the MBTI ever since. I have a sort of dorky hobby where I like to guess the MBTI types of the people around me, and then apply that knowledge to how I interact with them and why we might have miscommunications, if we do. Although I have never really needed other people to get by in life, it was nice to find out there are others out there who experience the world in a similar manner as me. When I read these forums... I swear much of what's said by other INTPs could have come straight out of my own mouth. As a sidenote, I found it interesting that another INTP on here took the enneagram and scored a 5, because I scored 5 on the enneagram, as well (they had everyone take it in my former company). I wonder if a lot of INTP's might get the same score?

Anyway, back to your question. Just as many other INTPs on here have stated, I've always had a very hard time nailing down which career I would like to commit to.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that choosing a path right now does not necessarily mean it has to be a lifetime commitment. I often forget that fact, so just the thought of choosing the wrong career becomes paralyzing, because I don't want to make the wrong choice (thank you, dominant P)! Just to give you an idea, here are a *few*of the careers that I seriously researched, took classes in and looked into pursuing: environmental scientist, psychologist, neuroscientist, soil scientist, physician assistant, physical therapist, psychology/neuroscience professor, pharmacist, regulatory affairs specialist, writer, landscape designer, architect, surgeon, and
career counselor (because those who cannot choose/do, teach, right?).

I ended up going to school for longer so that I could double-major in Biology and Psychology. You know, just to keep my options open  And I LOVE having options. I score about 55% I, 70% N, 55% T, and 80% P. I had really wanted to continue on and get my PhD in Neuroscience but, alas, family pressures and money forced me to set further schooling aside and get out in the working world. That remains a big regret of mine, though. I enjoy  psychology, but it turns out there aren't a lot of jobs in that area. So I currently work as a chemist. Do I love my job? Not exactly. In fact, I hated chemistry class (lab was fun) in college, and always wanted to do something more creative/intuitive/theory-laden. But my job comes fairly easily to me, and I suppose it is a rational choice for right now. I work at a good company, get paid fairly well, have very good benefits, and I have a good boss who gives me a decent amount space... Although he does sometimes want to talk to me about feelings, which never really works out, since I have so little to say in that area. Pretty much no one, not even my husband, gets to hear about my feelings. My husband is an ISTJ, though, so he doesn't really take issue with that, LOL.

I know my boss wants to know how I'm feeling about my work. And I know what management wants to see: I am supposed to somehow come across as enthusiastic and excited about performing HPLC chemistry every day. The idea seems absurd. Regarding my work, I have very little feeling and I don't really see how feeling applies. In fact, it's better if it's not a factor, in my opinion.
I understand it's hard for my manager to believe that someone might be so robotic, but I just can't bring myself to fake enthusiasm over the routine tasks of my job. I do get more "excited" I suppose, when I have special, challenging, projects to work on, so I make sure to ask him for side projects on a regular basis, so that I won't go insane from boredom. I am a bit of a control-freak over said projects, once I have been granted ownership of them, as well.

My main issue at work (aside from actually narrowing down the list to what career would make me feel fulfilled and challenged). I have trouble relating to some of my coworkers.
Sometimes people annoy me. They annoy me when they are loud. Or when their input is irrelevant. Or when they have irrational emotions that puzzle me. So, okay, I get annoyed a lot. Nothing confuses/annoys me more than when I am trying to brainstorm with them (you know, bounce ideas off of each other to solve problems) and they get all defensive. Seriously, the problem-solving, think-tank, bouncing-ideas thing is what I do best and where I find the most joy in my job, if I am working with a like-minded person. That is how I have fun at work, and other people ruin it all the time by taking it personally. Even when you try to bring issues in their argument up delicately. Like, "yeah that's a good idea, but, oh wait, what about this aspect of it?" I am not trying to offend them, but dancing around feelings seems inefficient. But, okay, I have realized in retrospect that my quest for a solution sometimes takes over and I forget things like, um, my rank, and I end up correcting the director of our group, in front of our entire group. I can see why those sort of things are not smiled upon, LOL. However, if and when I bring up an idea with flaws in it during a discussion, I welcome any input from others, so that we might either improve upon my idea or scrap it, altogether. To me, at work, all that matters is logic. That's probably going to be my most challenging hurdle throughout my life, since I have a hard time relating to emotions, which I often see as petty and irrelevant.

As for other issues:
I often feel that I am not challenged enough, so I appreciate it when they give me side projects where I can do plenty of problem-solving. I have trouble following through on my ideas and routine tasks in my personal life. For instance, I am in a Reg Affairs grad program, but my heart is just not in it, so forcing myself to sign up for classes and participate (in a timely manner, no less) is like pulling teeth. And I REALLY hate the dentist.

I have read that INTPs have the lowest job satisfaction of all types, and I can see that. I'm always looking for something better, always wondering if there is something more fulfilling out there. I get a lot of good perks out of my current job, mostly to-do with it being at a good company, and although I don't really love what I do or feel particularly fulfilled by the day-to-day work I'm doing, this is the happiest I have been at a job and I feel it would be irrational to leave a good situation.. Aside from that, I do feel that I have a very creative side that goes to waste in my current career. There's not a lot of room in the pharmaceutical world to be creative, unfortunately. This is why I think a side job/hobby (like gardening) where I could be more creative would help me feel more fulfilled, and then I could still reap the benefits of my regular job, as well, such as the benefits and pay (so I could get the best of both worlds).  Although I am proud of my friends for their achievements, I often find myself envying them for being brave enough to follow through on their dreams. My constant self-doubt and lack of follow-through have haunted me my entire life and I have resolved, recently, to spend more time aimed at following through on my ideas and bringing them to fruition. I have found that that is the key to my happiness, and on the rare occasions I do set forth and accomplish my goals/ideas, I truly shine and find happiness. Okay, sorry for the novel, but you asked

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Site Owner
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Thank-you, and thank all of you, for your excellent posts.

One bottom-line is, most people are not built like us, and most "standard" job positions are meant to suit different kinds of people.

There are, however, keys to getting ahead (i.e. happier) in this world that apply to everyone.  I can see that many of you have some of these avenues open to you:

- Growing/learning - in any way
- Learning to connect more with people
- Learning to enjoy ALL moments
- Learning to communicate honestly and fully (this is crucial for evolution of your thoughts and ability to connect)
- Being willing to follow up your hunches/intuitions with actions, instead of talking yourself out of things (we INTP's can be especially vulnerable to endless analysis)
- Upping your standards for how happy you want to feel in any moment (raising your standard will force you to learn how)
- Learning to experience fully instead of intellectualizing everything (using less "reasoning" will allow more room for "insight", one of our most unique, fruitful and fulfilling gifts)
- Stop arguing against what is (always a losing game) so that you can see the possibilities in what is

Keep up the great discussion, you are all helping each other, even if it is not immediately apparent.



Coach Michele
Creator, My Life Coach

New Member
Posts: 1
This thread is fascinating.  For ages I've felt as if I were swimming upstream.

I'm an INTP, the N and P are very extreme making be about as grounded as a weather balloon in a typhoon.

I'm a chemist.  I'm out of the lab now and work in an office, all of my peers are ISTJs.  It is not an easy alliance of diversity where we balance each other's weaknesses.  I like my work well enough and as much as possible I align with the other INs in my office.  It is such a different feeling to be understood.

One funny thing, I have a dear friend who is an ISFJ.  So we're doing something.  I need the beginning and end and fill in the in-between as I go.  He does step one, stops, and then figures out what step two is.  The slowness, and opportunity cost and inefficiency from not evaulating how to best complete a stange since you're never bearing context in mind just makes me crazy.

The advice about being patient, explaining things in a way that the other personality types is good; though it can be taxing.  I try to think of it as a game; one that is often so challenging that I can't quite do it.  But I do get the frequent reward of a paycheck.  I also try to listen, though it can be difficult when someone delivers a monologue of supporting facts when one pithy sentence would do.  Nonetheless, being an NP makes me prone to blasting past things, missing important points. So I really do ask for reality checks to ensure I'm doing a complete and throrough job.


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hi, i am starting my degree in business accounting/finance, would it be suitable for me? or should i study in engineering major in ee. i am intp.

Any idea how to reduce so much nervous of imagining of the future?... intp's imagination is just too good.

Can you suggest some activities/hobbies that will be good for intp personality people,as i find i am usually uninterested in something after getting to understand how it works or i just have to grow out of getting bored and just try to assimilate bored and interest?

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Posts: 2
Cannot believe this thread has been going on for years, lol. Found this from google and started reading, assuming it has been closed for years. Happy it's still around.

It has been amusing to read all the comments - never had so many people make so much sense before. Like everyone else here - I'm a INTP and type 5 personality. 

I have had quite a few career changes, and found that while i love learning, i dont do well on a course as i cant stand their rigidly defined rules about what to study and what not to study. EG, learn the French Revolution, dont jump to the Russian Revolution to check for patterns. I like following my own course - really want to do a masters which will allow me to pick my own modules... just have to finish a degree and not quit because it's too easy/too boring/fun got in the way/etc. 

Like you johnwzk, I am starting an ACCA in finance. Only had one lesson but loving it - the right degree of hard stuff that makes my brain work plus easy things so i have some relief! Lots to learn that keep it interesting. I like numbers so it's suitable for me. Can't answer which is best for you, although engineering does sound fun.

I find that being intp, jobs get boring after a few months. For me, I need part-time work so that I can do everything I like, to keep me entertained. I'm doing it at the mo but money is an issue, so want to study, find a great paying job, then reduce it to 2 days a week and do other things do. It sucks having a short attention span - when i start a job, its hard and i love that. Then i master it and it becomes boring and then i start feeling depressed as i'm not being challenged. I hope finance fulfils that need for us both.

For activities - intp's need diversity. I sing, dance, want to act, tutor, read (all the time), go climbing,
go for walks with music blaring in my headphones. I was doing a self-defense class and wanna go back 
to it and be a black belt. Hobbies need to engage different parts of you and need a variety to stop being
bored. I cant be confined to one thing, and I've understood that about myself now. Makes life easier
when u stop fighting who you are and accept it.


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Hi there,

I just find this forum about INTP. Years ago I did a MBTI test and I just filled in the questions with my first thought, not thinking twice or so. So I must be INTP and also I've found once this unique page : . And now I do not want do over the test anymore, cause I found a mirror in that web-site. And maybe one character can swing to another one : But I guess I am pretty INTP. I never fit into groups, I was always busy on my own, although I've got chances to change systems and update work procedures ... Just they know I could do it and people liked what I did. Ofcourse, if I get the opportunity.

Guess my desk at some companies was a junkyard, and they've asked me to clean it as everybody do at company, But I had always excuses : One when a particular task was done, this was another ?task? todo. Being Unique is Okay, being To Much Unique : It can get very painful. Wise people will find out soon why ...


Posts: 4
I want to add one thing what happened on one of the 8 jobs I did on 8 years. Guess people hating Job-hoppers and I did not want to. A guy said to me : " Lara, you talk in A to D to H to O to Z, but I cannot follow and please talk from A to B to C to D to E ... ".

Posts: 4
Hey, any other INTP's out there? 

I am an INTP and am a Life Coach, consultant and run this site. 

It is often hard for INTP's to find their place. 

What do you do? Are you


To MyLifeCoach : No ! And if you visit my profile page you know why ...

I try to write a book, I can be creative if there is money for.

At the moment I live from an Insurance Income.

Had some kind of Head Injuries :

- Like little brain bleeding (mid 2010)
- Having another kind of Life Attack on the E.R. room and bed (summer 2012).
- Since my heart pounded to 227 BPM (March 2013),
- I've discovered that I can really blow up my head. Bloodpressure at 227 BPM.

The last is No Joke. And what caused my Stress Attack is PTSD. Having 8 days headaches, used to have 50% of a month headaches, I won't go to hospital again.

Guess INTP are the weirdest persons to the other Personality Types, and society can stress on you all, cause you are a Bit To Different to all. 


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Posts: 2
It is incredibly dull to be restricted to talking from A to B to C to D. I've found that it's easier to write emails the way I want them to be done, and then have to fill in the blanks for the "normal" people as they don't like jumping 4 letters at a time, they want someone to do their thinking for them. 

Have you tried doing an IQ test, Lara? I think our personalities are a little smarter than the mainstream ones, which is why we can't handle boredom (or other people) easily. Being intelligent and able to do lots of things means it's hard to restrict ourselves to one thing, especially when it becomes mundane and simple.

Posts: 4

Look here :

It was from - And it where just Figures / Squares / Stripes and Stars and So on ... I could not find a Dutch test in compare Aples and Pears, cause I need to double think .... I guess I am above average. I am native Dutch, not English in all words ...

Boredom kills ... and I know I always said : Why I cannot understand people ?!

It's like people sitting at the pub and saying : " The sun is back and bright now ... "

I would think : Yes, I know.

New Member
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Hi, I'm "Pen", and I'm an INTP.

Typing that in reply to this forum, I feel like I have just introduced myself at some kind of "anonymous" meeting that involves heavy smoking and a twelve step program.

Regardless, I need some real help, and I do not know where to turn. No one I know could possibly help me work through my current problem. So, I thought I would turn to some of my fellow INTPs for help.

Basically, I have been stuck in ISTJ roles for many years, trying to break through some magically impenetrable ceiling that caps my "technician" genre. I have repeatedly demonstrated my aptitude for program development, strategic problem solving, and overall big picture analysis. However, I have never been able to work my way into the inner circle, thereby claiming my ideal role as the "go to" autonomous problem solver.

In my industry, I lucked into a new organization in the developmental stages. However, my technical knowledge was only utilized for grunt tech work. Nevertheless, I put in my time, and let it be clearly known that I bring more to the table, and that I wanted to be part of the larger picture.

After some considerable time, and having to spell the situation out and finally convincing my boss, and his, of a larger role that I could fill (that was actually desperately needed in the organization), my potential advancement is being weighed not against my expertise, nor my demonstrated skills and aptitude, but against whether or not I am being and will continue to be a "positive team player".

Now, I have to play politics to escape a role that, for years, has been a large compromise of my personality type, in order to get into a role that is still a compromise of my personality type. Additionally, I can see already that instead of being uplifting, getting the promotion is going to be a negative hit to my professional pride, because I will have had to play politics to get it, instead of getting it on merit and accomplishment.

I just want a career where I can critically make improvements and solve complex problems, without having to constantly "be positive" and play politics under the false flag of the "team". I have had too many negative experiences where management use the "teamwork" paradigm as a political front for ruling by fiat. Their idea of a "positive team player" is one that agrees with management's decisions and never complains. That is not me... at all.

I need a way to move on to a role better suited to my INTP-ness. And, I need to figure out how to do this, without credentials. I have a BS, and loads of technical experience and expertise - none of which really applies to where I want to go. BTW, I do not have time to go back to school - I am too busy with work. And, until I can make a transition  I need to keep my job for the income, in order to support my family. I cannot afford any pay gaps.

So, does anyone out there have any ideas?

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