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Hello folks. My name is Valerie and I'm new here. I have a thought that I would like to discuss. I'm 21, still living with my parents, can't afford college (don't want to go anyway since they don't offer much I'm interested in), and am pondering what to do with my life (all the while working a library clerk job that, albeit it's a great job considering the hours/pay/fellow staff/great boss, I'm DYING to replace but refuse to quit because I need the money and am going to continue toughing out in the name of responsibilty until something better is available... "breath"). I know that is the sob story of most intp's on this forum, and I'm not here looking for any sympathy, lol. I want to bounce around an idea that has been inspiring and fulfilling to me as an intp and I am wondering as to why I never see any other suggestions for intp's regarding this feild.

Animals. Most people consider animal care a soppy lover's job. Caring for the wounded and "cleaning their little messes". Whenever people think of working with animals, they IMMEDIATELY think of veterinary work, which requires YEARS of college and truck-loads of moo-lah (cash). Yuck. Totally not for me. but....

There is so much more work with animals that is waaaay more appealing and rewarding for an intp. My all time fav is training. Training is not a matter of just luring a dog through a hoop and throwing it a biscuit. I'm posting this to #1 bring an awareness of this option to the attention of directionless job seekers (such as myself) and #2 to ask opinions and thoughts/see if any other intps have have success/fullfillment in this field.

Training animals is so complex that it's difficult to describe its depth in one post, so I will summerize.

#1 It requires in-depth knowledge of the animal species' behavioral insticts and tendencies. Intp's such as I find this extremely intriguing because of our need to #1 understand how everything works and functions and #2 our ability to see the picture in question from several angles and piece it together as a logical whole, which is needed in dealing with animal behavior so as to determine the root casue of behavioral problems. We also are objective in our conclusions which help us to overcome Anthropomorphism (the assigning of human characteristics and emotions to a creature which is not human and does not react to situations in the same way/ for the same reasons that humans do. In essence meaning that no, poopsy did not pee on your carpet because he was angry that you left him for so long, because dogs live in the moment and do not harbor anger as humans do...)
And the best part is that with every new animal you meet, you are dealing with new individual problems and therefore new problem solving oportunites.

#2 There are thousands of animal species and 101 ways to train a dog to sit not to mention gigantic possibilities to create new ways of teaching things. So, animal training, in a nutshell, is a never-ending learning and problem-solving opportunity, it's practically impossible to completely master (even professionals will tell you that with each client they handle, they are learning something new...) and it revolves around and endless network of knowledge, logic, and adjusted applications to new situations.

#3 And last, but not least: Animals are so much easier to communicate to for intp's because there is not the aspect of transforming our thoughts into precise and politically correct conversation. Animals don't have ego's and they don't lie about how they feel. Ever. Dog's don't growl and then reply "Oh, just kidding, he, he..." There is less emotional baggage for us to sort out than when working with people. We can just see the situation and respond with species appropriate body language. When I tell my horse to move I don't hear "Geez why do you always have to be so pushy. It's not fair!" It's either yes or no, and if it's no then there is a correction, nothing personal, no hard feelings, lesson learned. 

I love working with animals, particularly horses. will post more later, right now I'm out of time...

I apologize for any typo's but I"m too lazy to proof read. Any thoughts?
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