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If anyone can help with this I'm sure you can. I know what I want and I'm pretty sure I can do whatever fits the bill, but I can only think of one career that would be suitable at the moment. To explain.. I'm 36, I have a Bachelors Degree in Electronic Eng. (Hnrs 1A) and 10+ years experience in IT, System Admin., Web Design, Programming and other computer related stuff. About four years ago, I was bored with life and moved to Russia where I worked briefly as a Sys. Admin. and now I teach English which I enjoy but it doesn't really make any money. I am also programming and trying to trade forex trading systems with a program called Metatrader, something which is costing me money and would cost me more if I wasn't careful. My wife(Russian) and I live like typical Russians in a typical Russian apartment with two psycho cats.

OK, so that's me, I like travelling and I want a profession that allows me to travel a lot, or gives me an excuse to travel a lot. I want stable money, not a lot, but enough to be comfortable. I've spent most of my working career on low pay, working very hard, particularly the last four years, so I've got no problem saying now I want some money. I love coding but I don't want to start my own coding business, it would take years to build it up and a lot of hard work, I've done it before and I am just not up to it at the moment. I enjoy a challenge but I prefer stability at the moment.

The one suitable career I have found is Teaching at International Schools. International teachers have the opportunity to travel to many different countries, the pay is stable, they have lots of holidays. They are looked after very well by the schools, in terms of housing, Visas etc. If they want to move on to another school/country they do so at the end of the contract and there is no stigma attached to changing schools often. I like teaching, the only problem I might have is I like to be independent and do things by myself, particularly work things. I don't like to have to answer to others.(sounds terrible doesn't it) Teaching in one of these schools requires a lot of teamwork, reporting, being graded by others which I don't like. I've worked in an international school and there also seems to be a lot of gossip and talking behind people's backs going on. My reaction to that sort of thing is to tell people where to go pretty quick, which could get me into trouble.

Anyway sorry for the long message, writing this has helped me clarify a few things. Please if you have any suggestions I'm all ears. JoeM

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I forgot to mention, I'd like to be a travel writer but I get the impression it's not very stable work.


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Hi Joe,

Great question!

You do sound like an individual, and your solution will probably be unique to you, and may not fit into any of the more conventional answers.  I think you've already figured that one out! 


Have you looked into all options around international teaching?  Might there be an environment that fits you better in terms of the independence part?  Is it possible that even with the parts you don't like, it would offer some interesting opportunities for personal development, learning more to not get involved in negativity, not worry about what others think, etc.?  What about travelling to teach technical/computer things?  Or being a trainer on software that is used in many countries?

Travel writer idea:  This might be a great idea, and watch you don't turn yourself off before giving the idea a chance.  Have you tried any travel writing in a small way?  Do you enjoy it?  To find out if it could be a viable direction for you, you need to find ways to try some things out now and see how they go.

Congratulations on wanting the best for yourself, and to be making great money as well.

Coach Michele

Coach Michele
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I totally agree with you . I have some problem with my career plan . Since I am young now ,I have less experience in the society . I need development and learing .
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