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If you feel like your success is not coming to you- perhaps you need to expand your capacity to receive. For instance, how often do you say to yourself- "This is my goal...but I would settle for this...." Then what do you usually get- what you said you would settle for right? You might also want to think about how you receive compliments or an unexpected gift- do you say" thank you" and appreciate them- or do you immediately say, "Oh you shouldn't have" and immediately plan how you can return the favor or gift. So it is really important to expand your capacity to receive. A great affirmation is: I am so happy and so thankful that I am open to receive all of the good that is coming to me. Consciously intend to expand your capacity to receive and you will see greater success manifest in your life.


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Great insights Coach Sheri.  I've found that people really enjoy life when they make that shift from thinking that they have to settle for the same results to one of inviting abundance and success.  It is a different mindset that requires that we see ourselves in a different light.  It's helpful for people to keep practicing the idea of replacing the old thought or way of thinking with the new, more successful one.  It also helps if people pursue their hopes and dreams and do things they love.  The universe tends to open up much more and offer us opportunities when we live a life based on our deepest talents and abilities.

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