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So I am taking a good hard look at my life in terms of NOT taking everything personally! Don Miguel Ruiz, is his book The Four Agreements, says that everything that anyone does is 100% ABOUT THEM.  Even if they are directing it at me.  He goes on to say that if someone says: "I hate you.  What you do offends me."  Don't take it personally.  If they say: "I love you.  You are wonderful."  Don't take it personally. 

Of course, this is a challenge for us all since we were raised to care what others (mom and dad, at least) think about us.  But when we worry about the response of others, we stop being authentically ourselves.  We will inadvertently change our responses to what we think will please the other.  We will mold ourselves, to some extent, to please someone else - and that detracts from who we truly are.

Our number one job is "TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE."  Because when we are, the light that is within is free to shine and lead us down the path of our real desires.  And that path is the only truly happy one to trod upon!


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Christina, this is so true!

Really, situations like these are what drain most people of their energy and prevent them from knowing what is really best for them...

Coach Michele
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Well said Christina.  It is amazing what we can do when we let go of our need to personalize other people's comments.  I've found that it really helps to work on ourselves first and become as healthy as we possibly can be.  Once we're satisfied at a deep level with who we are we can take on any comment that comes our way.  Reacting to others' comments is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves inside.  When we're truly fulfilled and happy we tend to pay less attention to what others say because we're confident with who we are.

Take care,

Life Coach


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I love that Christina!

Since I was child I was told "you're too sensitive", and I thought that was going to be a challenge when I became a Life Coach. What if someone gets angry or upset with me during a coaching session? 

One of the coaching beliefs that has allowed to still 'be sensitive'  yet remain strong ~ (I've found my empathy has only helped me as a coach) ~ is the belief that "Hurt people Hurt"

I've had clients get upset, even angry, at some of the feedback and boldness I've had to share to serve them, and because of my belief about 'hurt people hurt' I have been able to whether the storm, and they always come back grateful I didn't take it personally as a coach. 
Great topic, thanks!
Mandy Pratt 

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