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As people contact me about their problems, so often they are complicating things by stressing out about what other people think, or might think, of them.


But we have enough things to worry about without worrying about what other people think, don't we?


Aren't you a good enough person just as you are to trust your own judgements about what is right and what is wrong for you?


Life is way too short to be "out of the moment" worrying about how your actions will be percieved by others.


And, magically enough, when you truly start to stand up for your innermost truth, the people around you will be drawn to the power you are expressing, and will support you and respect you.  (But then, who cares?  )

Coach Michele
Creator, My Life Coach

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What a wonderful post Michelle!


What I find amazing is just how many people live their lives for other people, or to try and be something that they think that other people want them to be.  Some of it starts when we are young, but if you look around you in modern life, with the proliferation of advertising, practically everyone is telling you what you need, what to think, what success is, what will bring you happiness and convincing us that all these things are outside of ourselves and that they can be bought!


If we buy into this, then we have been tricked and again, we are living our lives for others - supporting them by agreeing with their message...

It all distracts us from where the real answers are....

From knowing who we really are, and what things will really bring us what we want....




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I so agree with this line of thinking.  In the final analysis, it is only YOU that you are in charge of.  When you "meet your maker" no one esle will be with you.  I believe that your number one job on this earth is take care of YOU first.  Then help others.  When you do this, your life is manageable and you are much more able to, not only help others, but to accomplish your goals as well.  It is this constant distraction with what others think (or what you think they think) that takes you off-task of your own development.
Some good questions to ask yourself:
Will this take me toward my goal?
Do I know that to be true?
Am I honoring myself in this situation?

Coach Christina
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