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Creativity is often an elusive concept
"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."  Michelangelo
Creativity is often an elusive concept. It is difficult to define or teach, but we know creativity when we see it. When you are trying to come up with new programs, new products, or new ideas; it is tempting to try to force the solution. I like Michelangelo’s quote because his creative process decreases pressure and allows free flowing action and thoughts. He also reveals what we know to be true in our hearts- that a creative idea is often the result of uncovering and releasing something. Some ways to tap into free flowing creative thought are to:
·         Practice relaxation techniques- deep breathing/meditation/prayer
·         Read a variety of sources
·         Listen to others
·         Keep a notebook closeby to record ideas
·         Read through past journal entries
·         Tap into nature- sit by a stream, a lake, the ocean
·         Listen to music- yoga, mediation CD’s ,soft classical
·         Quiet your spirit
·         Write or create without prejudging- let it flow – you can streamline and edit later
·         Engage in physical activity- walking, dancing, stretching
·         Sleep on it
I find that I experience great inspiration for writing through nature, prayers, and meditation. If I feel stressed and pressured, I am not in the creative zone. In fact, I gave up trying to force creativity quite awhile ago. Instead, I cultivate my spirituality and my mind and allow creativity in.
If you try some of the techniques above and still feel blocked, change your focus to a different project and revisit your project when you feel refreshed.
Accept a creative idea as a great gift and fill your heart with appreciation. Enjoy the creative moment and celebrate it. Be sure to demonstrate appreciation for other's creativity as well. The energy from sincere appreciation ignites a new spark that carries you forward in your life.

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Great ideas Coach Sheri. I frequently talk with people who have lost touch with their creativity or say they were never creative in any way. Given the chance, though, they will often come up with ideas that excite them and examples of times they've been very creative. It's gratifying to see how great people feel when they discover the unique creativity they possess and how they can use it to live a great life. All they have to do is, like you've indicated, be open to exploring what floats their boat.

Take care,

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Thank you- I deeply believe that we were all born to be creative- but creativity differs from individual to individual. Opening ourselves to our inner creative genius is vital and a true awakening for many Sheri

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It's interesting because we are all - all the time - in the creative process.  And our lives are our creation.  So the question is how do we direct that creativity toward something worthwhile.  Well, it begins in your mind.

Albert Einstein said, "Your imagination is the preview to life’s coming attractions." And there is tremendous power in your imagination.  But most people don't take time to use their imagaination.  Einstein used to take an hour everyday to just think.  To use his brain.  To think things through. 

Sometimes when we begin to imagine something, it starts to take on a life of it's own.  You start thinking new thoughts - ones you hadn't considered before.  This is because you are now tapping into a greater source of inspiration than just the limited knowledge stored in your brain.  You have now accessed Infinite Intelligence - and then the possibilities are endless.

So practice using your imagination.  It's the storehouse of your creations.

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I work in a creative realm with my clients. I find myself getting blocked when I'm not curious and open minded whichs fuels my creative process. I understand creativity as coming up with new solutions to old problems. My clients get blocked when they begin to see things in black and white which excludes everything in between. My job is to question them and open them up to new possibilities. I believe everyone is capable of being creative, able and resourceful. Often we are blocked by our beliefs. It's my job as a coach to challenge those beliefs.

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