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New Member
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Hello Michelle,

I really enjoyed your website and appreciate your vlaues and business.  I am interested in becoming a life coach as well and am currently in the process of looking for schools.  I have already registered for your email course and have found it helpful.  I am curious if you offer a training school or can reccommend one.

Thank you very much,

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Hi Melissa,

How nice to hear from you!  If you think becoming a coach might be for you, I encourage you to keep exploring.

At this point, one school I would suggest is CoachU, at even have a short Becoming a Coach telecourse that can help you decide.

Let us know how it goes!


Coach Michele
Creator, My Life Coach

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New Member
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If you are interested in becoming a coach and want hands on support, I would suggest you check out  I got my certification from here and Dr. Brons is incredible. After 3 years, I am in contact with him and he is always a huge help.  This is a great course and one I would reccommend to anyone considering becoming a life coach.


Pro Member
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I did my coaches training through CTA and it was very helpful.  And while I think training is a must, I find after 3 years of coaching, that developing my intuition has paid off even bigger than my conscious training.  When I hired Coach Michele as my guide, I really began to step into trusting myself and Spirit and knowing that I would be given the right responses that my clients needed.  And it has been that way EVERY time.  I seem to just know what to say, or something will be revealed to me and all I need to do is have the courage to "throw it out there" for my client to evaluate.  And always it has worked for the highest good.

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You choose a good career opportunity for yourself.. I am also taking the certification in the life coach and I have heard so much about it.. One can able to live life in a better way by giving it a new direction.. I have gathered a huge knowledge about such certification from one website.. You must have a look here: [url=]coaching certification[/url] | [url=]becoming a life coach[/url] .


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If you desire to bring qualities in people that don't know more about themselves then you could be a better coach. but all these type of personal must some qualities in common and these are:

  • excellent listening skills
  • empathy
  • experience of life and some of its problems
  • curiosity
  • analytical skills


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What a pity !
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