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Registered: 06/21/04
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Hi Wazzick, and Welcome...

I appreciated your post...Lots of great insight and suggestions...

The finding music for movies idea is perfect, at least as a general concept, yes!...In the book, Do What You Are (highly recommended), based on personality type, one of the three sample INTP's does something similar, creating multimedia presentations.

It seems you've reached a certain (high) level of understanding of yourself and what you need.  It's important for INTP's to truly embrace how they are and how they work, especially if you want other's to embrace that as well!  Given the right latitude/support, an INTP is an invaluable asset to all sorts of organizations/environments.

I'm going to check out the game!  Although I must admit some trepidation as I do have a problem with game addiction...I generally avoid really fun games so I will proceed with caution! 

All the best!


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Registered: 06/21/04
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Ok, ya, that could be trouble!

Reminds me of Rocky's Boots a little bit...Anyone remember that one? 


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Registered: 05/31/11
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I'm so glad I found this forum.  The act of writing my post a few days ago started me thinking specifically about the hygiene and motivation factors (Maslow) that I want in an occupation.  It turns out that I had done some of this in career counseling, but the words that we used were in someone else's language, so to speak.  When I finally started thinking of these things in my own terms I was able to generate quite a nice list that is really helping target a job search at the moment.  I'll share what I have thus far here:

I like to work…
        o I want to be fully accountable for getting the task done so that no one has to monitor me.  I am also willing to accept the consequences of either failing or succeeding. 
        At my own pace
        Alone (most of the time)
        With some creative freedom
        From home
        With clearly defined expectations, instructions, boundaries, and parameters
        With a consistent stream of new intellectual challenges

I do not like…
        To feel micro-managed
        Paperwork/administrative tasks
        Inter-office politics
        Detail work
        Extrinsic structure

Other stuff…
        I have strong interpersonal skills, but prefer to use them sparingly.
        I think I’m more process oriented than target-oriented

This is what I have generated so far.  Anyhow, the point is that doing this exercise alone is making me excited because while it's limiting my options quite a bit, the other side of that is that it's helping me narrow down my search and target positions that might hold some real interest for me.  I've noticed that I will likely have to make a few compromises, at least in the beginning, where most jobs are concerned, but at least now I'm choosing what's negotiable and what's not.

Making lists really isn't in our nature as INTP's, but I think that's one of the areas in which many of us can use a little bit of improvement.  I don't see myself making lists for many things, but they clearly have their uses.  The J's have this one up on us

From reading many of the posts on here it seems to me that many of us have good ideas about subject matter that interests us, whether it be biology, education, or, as in my case, economics/finance.  What it seems that we keep falling into is the trap of ending up in positions that have environmental factors that work against our shared nature.  Why didn't I think of this before?!

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Registered: 06/21/04
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Thanks for your posts, Bluemoon...

You've outline points above that many, many INTP's would be in alignment with.

Of course, as we know, society and careers are not necessarily set-up to create environments that do fit those criteria.  Many of the things an INTP wants are pretty much the opposite of what most people would want/need.  That all makes sense, we are wired quite differently.

I think it's crucial for INTP's to have some awareness of who they are, otherwise the educational/career process can be very deflating and take a real toll on your confidence.  At that point, it becomes very easy to be confused about what is really best for you, especially when 99% of conventional wisdom is bass ackwards for you.

If you are an INTP, you are brilliant, and you can be doing amazing work.  If you make that your standard (in a non-stressful way), it will keep you aware of if your environments are optimized or not.  (Environments include work, social, internal-mental and internal-emotional as just a few examples.)


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Registered: 05/31/11
Posts: 3
I agree that it's crucial for anyone, especially INTP's, to be aware of who they are.  I used to think that my problem was that I could not find subject matter that interested me enough to conform to a conventional environment, like many of my kind.  I blamed myself.  Then I became angry with "the system" for providing such few environments in which I could be happy.  I blamed the system.  Finally I realized that both of these perspectives caused me to waste energy and I should put my brain to work to find or create a situation that works for me.

INTP's, it's not our fault and it's not the system's fault.  The thing is that we're in the minority.  Each of us is confident in our ability to develop an idea from nothing and don't really worry about the outcomes.  Most other types don't have this luxury that we do of not worrying about what comes next.  They need to either plan it out, talk it out, or see the details ahead of time to be comfortable.  Would that they were all INTP's.. oh, what a world it would be!

Thank you, MyLifeCoach, for providing this forum.

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Registered: 06/21/04
Posts: 95
You are welcome, Bluemoon!

You are right, what really works for most INTP's is to find or create a situation that works for us.

In my experiences, when people/organizations realize your value, they are willing to give you a fair amount of freedom in creating your own position.

The last thing they want is to lose you completely, so we shouldn't be shy about really going for what we truly believe is right for us and what is needed...


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Hi Michelle,

Just like everyone, I am so glad that I found this post. Thank you for starting this post. Reading everyone describe themselves here, I feel like I am reading about my own personality. I am an INTP too. It wouldn't feel like I am an introvert when people meet me, and thats probably because of the self-confidence that INTP has. But, deep down I do like having time to myself to think through, to get in touch with myself and to reorganize my head. 

I was never a great student in school because the way my teachers taught me never presented me a challenge. Towards the end of high school, I discovered physics and realized how the quest of knowledge drove me. I cleared one of the toughest examinations in the world and got admitted to an unbelievable college. However, when I got into college, I couldn't present myself with the right kind of challenges and as a result performed horribly during my undergrad. After that I have had three jobs and I get bored after about a year to year and a half. 

I feel uncertain about almost every career that I have considered in my head. However, a year ago I decided to move forward in life and so have now decided to attend business school in the hope that it will provide me an opportunity to search for a career that would give me great satisfaction. Before I join B-school this year, I want to be sure of what I want to do because I know if I put my mind to something, I will accomplish it. 

There are various fields that I can go into, Finance, Consulting, marketing etc, but I still find myself confused and am not able to choose a field. I do not want to repeat my undergrad story at business school. I have been reading that INTPs work best when they are alone and the business school and business world is all about teamwork etc. I need to find a delicate balance where I can perform to my best and excel in a business world too. 

I now need to make a decision regarding the field I have to pursue (finance, consulting etc.) and stick with it. Can you please suggest how I go about making this important decision.


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It seems to me that one of the biggest problems INTPs face is the inability to choose.  INTPs (me being one of them ) have so many interests and the thought of choosing just one is scary. And paralyzing.  And impossible.

As a kid I did so many activities: chess, ballroom dancing, ping pong, basketball, creative writing, drawing and sewing just to name a few.  Basically, I was all over the place and once I felt like I either mastered something or simply lost interest, I moved on.  My parents always scolded me for not sticking to anything, but when I was done, I really was done.  

Here is a beautiful paragraph from Refuse to Choose! by Barbara Sher:

"Whenever people complain that they lack focus, loose interest too easily, can't find their passion, or can't make up their minds about what they want to do, I ask them to consider the honeybee.  I'm pretty sure no one in his right mind would ever accuse a bee of lacking focus or loosing interest too easily.  No one says bees can't make up their minds which flower they want to be involved with or accuses them of being unable to settle on their true passion.  We assume that when a bee leaves a flower, it's got a compelling reason to do so.  Plain and simple, whether it stays at a flower for 2 seconds or 20 seconds, we understand it needs the amount of time to get what it came for  - its Reward - and the time required is its Duration.  Any bee that stayed at a flower after it had emptied it of nectar would be seen as derelict in its duties.

When it comes to passion, I think we'd all agree that a bee seems very dedicated to its task - but it's not passionate about any one flower; it's passionate about gathering nectar".

It is our insatiable appetite for knowledge, asking the whys, finding the truth. 

I turned 30 this year and despite of what I just wrote I feel like I do need to make a choice, if I don't want to wait tables for the rest of my life.  I think that academia could be one of my possible paths (that way I could study forever. Yay!)  Can anyone suggest any other paths that don't require practical application of my work? Lol .  

I have a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications, but don't have much desire to continue that direction.  At the moment I feel like interpreting would be perfect for me, because I speak several foreign languages, don't break under pressure and on-going learning is part of the job.  BUT, I come from a tiny nation (population 2 million) and interpreting market is small and already saturated (sight).

My interests are traveling, food, culture and languages, spirituality, health and environment.  I'm good at research, planning and strategy.  I suck at math and sciences (so engineering is out ).  I'm also detail oriented, prefer to work alone with no office politics, chit -chats and bureaucracy.  I don't want to lead or follow.

Ahhh, it is not easy being INTP.  

Sorry about this long rant.  I'm just happy that I stumbled upon this forum and found you all.  


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Registered: 07/15/11
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Hello, fellow INTP here.  Glad to find a place filled with my kind lol. So here's my deal, I'm sure a lot will sound very familiar if you've read through this forum.

I'm 30 years old currently working in Workforce Management, which has its moments of enjoyment when I'm posed with a problem without a clear solution and have relative freedom in finding answers to that problem.   The issue I'm having is that I don't see any value in the job outside of working for some company to help save them money.  I've never been one to care too much about helping society (sorry, being honest), but I have lately been feeling the desire to do something that matters.  

I'm starting school back up, surprise surprise I haven't finished and have loads of useless credits due to my changing interests.  And I'm trying to find something that hits my tick mark requirements:  

1. freedom to "figure out" problems
2. work with trial and error 
3. have value/meaning to the world
4. Tons of variety

  So far I'm coming up a bit short.  Computer Programming hits the first 2 in most cases but not really #3 and 4, and life sciences (neuroscience, biochemistry) hit 3 (maybe 1 as well) but I'm afraid are loaded with the dreaded mundane and repetitiveness that is SO anti-INTP.

I've been beating myself up for weeks now trying to find that "perfect" career path.  On paper it doesn't seem like I have too many requirements, and SOMETHING out there is meant for me.  But so far I haven't been able to find something that ultimately just clicked.  At this point I'm wondering if maybe someone more creative than myself could offer suggestions.  

Hopelessly INTP,



Registered: 09/28/11
Posts: 2

Like many have said before, it is nice to see a site that reflects me.  Since I took the MBTI while earning an IMBA & MS in Finance I knew that I was an iNTP (slight introversion with very clear T&P).  Having a weak I, in my opinion, has been a help in consulting in private equity where teamwork is required.  Thank god for a strong T otherwise I’d never get anything done w/ my even stronger P. 


I've been in corporate finance for an aerospace company for the past five years.  Prior to that I spent time in the private equity world and four years in consulting.  Both private equity and consulting held great appeal as I could research, create the big picture and then work under tight time lines to finish up either a financial model or a client solution.  I loved the frenetic pace that each offered along with the variety of work.  In consulting I was never at a client for more than a year and in PE I worked with many different businesses and structures that no two were the same.  I made the unfortunate move to corporate finance at a slow-paced and very process oriented company where the “analyst” role is really nothing more than a glorified accounting and reporting position.  No chance to really expand my mind and problem solve along with the fact that I can almost set my watch by the monthly routine which drives me crazy.  I am the only NP on a team of 13 and am one of two N’s both of which make dealing with leadership difficult as they just don’t think the same way as I do and can’t understand why I keep screwing up the routine details.


If I were to reevaluate finance I would have stayed with the small private equity firm where the money was longer term or have gone into sell-side analysis.  I believe my next step will be back into consulting assuming it is with a firm where I don’t need to be on the road 5-6 days a week. 


While I target consulting it may not pan out in the short term, but for my own sanity I need to get out of my current position.  My concern at this point is that I will move into a different position only to find myself at the same point I am now where I’ve figured out the role and need to move on lest I become completely disengaged which does good for nobody. 

By the way I have also taken the Strengthsfinder assessment which has also given me some useful information and has helped clarify the type of position I should look for and also has explained why I was successful in other roles.  By the way my SF results are Self-Assurance, Competition, Ideation, Restorative and Futuristic.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone clarify their options.  @Shrinking, my wife is in Org Dev (probably similar to Org Behavior?), has a PhD in clinical psychology and is an ESFJ.  I’ll ask her about INTP suitability for this career path.  I do know that she is constantly dealing w/ individuals and team which may be exhausting for an “I”.  However, knowing what you know now about yourself you’ll be better able to bake in down time rather than always being “on”.


Registered: 09/28/11
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For other posters to this board I'd like to know if there are any INTPs whom have started their own businesses or franchises.  How did you define success and were you successful by this criteria?  

Are there any INTP's in marketing functions and, if so, what has been your experience?



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wow! just found out that I am INTP...Makes a lot of sense now.  Just understanding that the way i see the world is a personality type and what its tendency's are make things a whole lot clearer.  My day job is a mechanic generally get to work by myself and its fairly laid back but i hate time limits and inspection checklists and im really really board of the job, and like most other intp's cant for the life of me figure out what to do.
I do keep myself as sane as possible with things on the side that are usually artistic like photography, writing music, airbrushing,  getting board of one then switching around back to another. In the end i am really tired of my day job and its driving me crazy. I have been there for 8 years just because it pays the bills and i have no idea where else to go or what to do.  I have a planed to quit and move across the country to  a small town and "wing it"  but now im thinking 
that wont solve the problem because there is no problem to solve.
It looks like i have some thinking to do
good luck to you all and thank you for this forum 

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Well I read every post in this multi-year thread and when I arrived at the last one I wished there were more. Kind of an analogy to life as an INTP I guess. Always hoping that the perfect answer is just on the next page. That final solution to ease the insatiable need to understand.

Many of us have asked questions of others I noticed. And many were left unanswered. I was amused by this as it seems we constantly ask questions, and, although would be interested in responses, our questions are almost always simply for ourselves to answer. Writing them simply allows us to focus what it is we need to know.

Enough observation anyway, I need to throw in my experience as well.

First off, thank you for this forum, and for all the genuine people who posted. I have spent many days on other INTP forums and they can get really, REALLY tiresome when being "INTP indulgent". These posts have been clear to follow, and each carried a wealth of diverse information, despite being all so very 'me'.

My brief bio. Excelled in primary school with ease, was "gifted", which basically means being ostracized moreso while also having to maintain the dull work of normal school, and by highschool had lost interest in most things. This was when all my INTPness (yah I said Pness) came to a head and I realized that I really had this super amazing power to see how messed up everything was in the world, and could not get over how blind/apathetic everyone else seemed to be about it all. Went to school for graphics design after dropping out 1 credit short of highschool diploma (all 80's 90's otherwise in things like physics, math, science, etc.) then dropped out of that because computers were killing my soul. Got married, had kids, worked in delivery, call centres, and bought a house in a nice neighborhood. Got a job drilling steel through a family contact, and quickly rose through ranks in that company. Became a welder, then a fitter, then saw all the workplace problems and wrote a big proposal to management about how to resolve the problems. Soon after I had "created" my own position producing self designed graphical procedures in order to combat quality issues with high turnover rates. Soon after that I got fired for not associating with another supervisor who was a real 'prick'...but more importantly was good friends with the owner. Less than 3 years of continual change and improvement within one company. It was my longest place of employment.

From there bounced from company to company. Starting as a welder, quickly moving into leader status, then planning and organization, efficiencies, etc. then getting fired/constructively dismissed when I began to butt heads with the moronic elite. You know, the ones who have their positions because they know how to KEEP a job, instead of DO a job?

Eventually got out of welding for good (though over years have always been tempted to return for lack of money). Went back to school for religious studies and philosophy...sadly my interests were 4th year and my studies were 1st year...quit. Did flooring, landscape, sales, and lots of unemployment/self employment in things like leatherwork, artistic, bookbinding, computer repair.

Eventually said 'SCREW IT! I MUST DO!" and decided that Computer Network administration would be perfect and so went to a career college because 9 months at my increased learning pace seemed better than 3 years at everyone elses pace. Graduated with honours, A+ certification, and Net+ certification, and felt quite proud to actually finish a goal I set out to accomplish.

Then after I found nothing in that field workwise, I eventually lost interest, quickly realizing I simply do not function well as a drone employee. Time went on. things changed monthly, time always ticking loudly in my ear.

Oh did I mention my relationships seem to follow suit with my jobs? its like the 5 years and out plan. Not that I no longer care for them, its just that I feel both they and I would be much better off with other people...but I digress. That's the curse of thinking once things are stable, it equated to mundane predictability.

SO! Here I am, 34, also snickering at the early 20's of you who are worried you 'still' havent figured it out. Boy do I remember. And guess what, It doesnt go away for any length of time. Some of the best information in this thread that I have found is to embrace and understand this fact.

We as's funny but I always get the impression from what you all have written that we are truly these beautiful gemstones. Each cut with a thousand different facets. We struggle so hard to polish each one hoping it will be the right one, never realizing that it is the work we put into each that makes us truly shine.

Things that reverberate most with me from this thread:
  •  I like being second best. I don't have the drive or want to be the best. I would have to sacrifice too many other aspects to have that much focus, so second best is awesome...the right hand man if you will. Don't want the pressures of leading, but need to have my say make an impact.
  • We need someone to push us beyond our lazy whining self absorbed, stuck in the head, tendencies in order to get the icky parts out of the way. If we dont then we fail in depression because this world is no walk in the park for us, and we need as much "SJ" proof(diploma, etc.) as possible to make a go at the higher level tasks we are meant for.
  • We are like the misplaced thinkers of our tribes. Imagine when small isolated tribes of humans were hunting around trying to survive. Where would we fit in? shaman? advisor? Any tribe would only need one and we would be recognized for our ability to solve problems, invent the one off technologies, or understand what needs to be done to make things work well. Today in our global community, natures design to have INTP's in these roles has been undermined by the more dominant pursuit of wealth as a means of identifying the worker bee as 'special' aka another Jones.
  • Battling negativity should be priority one, because a positive INTP is unstoppable, especially when they learn to develop their J.
  • Finally I realized we really have a tendency to go on, and on and on since everything is connected in our minds and therefore bears a relevance (or distinct irrelevance) to whatever we may be exploring intellectually.
So to sum up what always seems like a mess of blathering, I am currently looking to build a future "career" path. And after visiting this thread believe I would be best to embrace the fact that my 'perfect' career is not what I will be able to do for an extended period of time (ie SJ qualifiers), but what tools and experiences I can pursue right now, to completion, that will allow my continued self improvement, and 'polishing' of the many facets that make up the diamond that I am.

I like many of you have been using the wrong lens of success to gauge my life. It's time I start realizing that I cannot use the system that I abhor to evaluate my self worth.

Big Weld from "Robots" the movie heh..."See a need, Fill a need" For some reason that stuck with me as a piece of the puzzle.

Do I now know what I will do after writing this? No. But now I know what to do next. It involves intricate diagrams and flow charts revolving around known desires, dislikes, abilities and deficiencies, in order to suss out my next great endeavor lol. I will create matrices and lists and priority scales, and weigh each node of information carefully and strategically to find the best logical outcome. Then I will take that and cross reference it against my spiritual/emotional needs and be aghast at the utter failure of my work.

...And all the while, as I am fervently pouring myself into the research and re-design of myself and my life, I will struggle with the illusion that I am lost when it comes to what I truly love to do. Oh the irony.

Thanks to all of you for being out there and taking the time to share your words.



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Thank-you, and thank all of you, for your excellent posts and sharing your experiences.

I want to highlight some crucial points from azenrain's post that have truly proved to be crucial for INTP's to find a venue for their genius.

1) Absolutely, yes, stretch yourself to think positively.  Yes, you can see the truth of what is going on around you, and yes, there are a lot of things seriously dysfunctional.  That reality does not have to weigh you down, however.  You don't need to deny what is, you can get to the other side of denial to acceptance, or even appreciation of the opportunities inherent in every "wrong" thing.

2) Create your own job.  There are very few, if any "standard" jobs that are set up for people like us.  What we have to contribute is different, unique and extremely valuable.

3) Yes, don't measure yourself against the system that is designed for people that are not built like you.

4) This all comes down to one core issue.  Valuing yourself for the unique type of genius that you are.  Certainly, you can't expect other's to value your contribution if you, in your heart of hearts, are not sure of your value.  Maybe you don't easily "fit", maybe your motivations don't seem to work like everyone else's, maybe you do struggle with implementation.  Who cares.  Did you build/design yourself in any case?  If you didn't, then why take the blame or the credit. 

Just get over yourself and realize what you have on your hands. 
A very unique type of person, desperately needed in our society, that can see through the b.s. of things to how they could work much better.  A person that, when inspired, is absolutely unstoppable, and can bring massive change to the most stagnant, stayed, and dysfunctional of systems.  Stop getting in your own way, follow your hunches (your intuition is second to none) about what you'd enjoy, without trying to logically put together the pieces of where it will lead you.  An INTP at their best beats their own path, unpredictable to even themselves.


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A website full of INTP'ers.  How lovely. 

I am in public health, kinda odd for us.  However, I have slowly evolved into a defacto IT/graphic designer for the company.  I don't get to do as much as I'd like though, I usually get stuck doing "public health" stuff and I find that to be rather annoying.

I'm glad to know, though, that I'm not the only one who just feels completely lost in the world of careers.  I love the arts and I also love science and math but I think those ships have sailed as far as careers.  I have a BS in biology but it's now 12 years old and in the sciences, that is 3 lifetimes, so my degree is basically useless.  I think, far too often, that I'm just doomed to some career that I hate because I now have kids and responsibilities and little time and less money to get into something I want to do. 

Any thoughts life coach?

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Hi Henry,

Hmm...The only thing I'm wondering is...What would happen if, instead of frequently thinking:

"...I'm just doomed to some career that I hate because I now have kids and responsibilities and little time and less money to get into something I want to do."

You frequently thought:

"...I'm destined to be in a career I love and I have everything I need to connect with something I'd love to do..."

Or something to that effect!

Maybe it would help to approach your career like a healthy INTP would approach any dysfunctional system...With determination, creativity and an absolute belief to the core of their being that this system can be made much better.

What is your brilliant intuition trying to tell you about potential directions for yourself that you are dismissing due to your belief that you are doomed?  I guarantee you, your intuition HAS been delivering you great ideas...



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Hi, I'm so glad to have chanced upon this forum!
And that it has continued over the years!
I only found out that I was an INTP last month... reading the INTP profile was so fascinating and it was just amazing how the profiles speak to me so much! Of course some parts do not fit exactly, but everyone is unique anyway. I'm 16, not even in college yet, but I've also been drowning in this dilemma of what I would like to do with my life! And it is absolutely taxing on my brain... I like thinking about problems and trying to organize different experiences and facts etc. in my brain to try to balance out my arguments against my points, which results in me finding no answer because I'd just be rebutting my "both selves" all the time! Probably also an INTP trait is that I fear that since I can constantly rebut my "both selves", I do not really trust the results I come up with because I believe that they can continually be argued against. I should probably state the specifics if not it gets really vague.

Like many people who responded in this forum, I have a list of many occupations I would like to do, or at least try... doctor, surgeon, scientist/researcher (not sure about which specific field), forensic scientist, marine biologist, lawyer, detective??
I thought about philosophy... but I don't think it's going to get me anywhere... or maybe I haven't done enough research about it. I think since introverted thinking is so dominant in INTPs, I wonder if INTPs will ever get bored of philosophy. But on the practical side, it probably isn't the best career. And I also doubt myself, because now I'm only in high school... how much harder is everything going to get?
I guess being a marine biologist just sounds cool but I have not taken any action on it because I think it's just a side fantasy for me. As for being a detective, I doubt my intelligence... I do well in my math and sciences and all, generally i do well in my studies, but I don't think I pay enough attention to detail and all... plus this could become quite a dangerous job.

I would like to try law, but it doesnt sound like a pleasant job. Also, I can formulate all the arguments etc., but I'm no good at speaking, especially to strangers. I stutter to some extent, and/or speak too fast.

Perhaps what I'm more serious about are - medicine, forensics. I haven't mentioned, but I have spent most of my life till now on music. I play the violin and piano, and always thought I would go down that direction. I never really felt PASSIONATE about it, but when i was 13-15, I was really interested in it, seeing new sheets of music and my teacher giving me new pieces to learn, or just sight-reading random pieces excited me. Exploring music on youtube also excited me. Also the expression of emotions through music performance is something I really treasure. But the problem with this is that there is a limit to emotions, and I can't really bring myself to feel the music everyday. In addition, to be a musician (as in performer), one has to practise everyday, work hard on mechanical (and of course theory and analysis... there is definitely intellctual requirements in interpreting music) aspects, but this practising everyday... really bores me. I guess professional musicians do get that from time to time, that's why I doubt if I REALLY do not want to be a musician, because I doubt that the boredom of practising everyday bores me. I also came up with the point that for things like this, as with sports and dance etc., not practising for a week... (even one day would make quite a difference) would mean having to start from a level way lower, which I also cannot stand. I hate how practising becomes a mundane thing. I don't really like repetition, I could repeat things to help me to learn, but no thanks I would not want to practise everyday for the rest of my life.

As for science, I've always done well in my math and sciences, but then I'm in an arts school and I really doubt my capabilities. And also, once I get into university, when everything gets harder, am I intelligent enough? Especially with medicine and forensics... And also, the paths im interested in cost so much money... not sure about forensics, but I don't think I can afford jumping around paths. Also medicine requires so many years... if I really don't make it............ music would probably be safer for me considering the amount of effort and time I've put into it and the achievements I have attained from it. But after so many years, I'm almost certain that I don't want to do it as a career, perhaps as a hobby so that I won't get bored of it. But how sure can I be that I won't get bored of forensics and medicine? And I dont know if I'm intelligent enough... even if my teachers say that I can do it as long as I put in my effort. I guess my biggest worry is how long I can sustain. Also, I think I might be more interested in chemistry than in biology, but I don't really think I want to sit in a lab doing research, or doing engineering, or maybe I haven't researched enough about this yet.
The reason why I'm thinking about all these could be an INTP thing, but more importantly I take the IB and I cannot take double science PLUS my art form, which means I need to make my decision.

Sorry for so much rambling. I'm drowning in my own thoughts


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I have to say that the most grueling process that all INTPs go through is the process of finding the right career. Like many of you here, I too struggled and am still struggling to find something I like. Im 22 this year and for the past 1 year+ since I've graduated from school majoring in facilities management, I've had 5jobs and am on my 6th now. I just can't seem to stay on, it bores me and I can't convince myself to stay on a job I don't find meaningful or engages me in a way that I'd like. It's also the same with my interests. I've wide interests but nothing can keep me going for more than a year. I always thought theres something wrong with me, so much so my mum don't even know what to do with me. I've always been different from my peers, in terms of my thinking. I think a lot and my friends always said that I've a weird thinking. But I'm glad I found this web and know that I'm not alone/weird. Or maybe weird in a unique sense.

I figure that that world or arts is the only place I belong to but am afraid that it won't last as well. Thought of taking graphic designs and website designing but am afraid that I'm not cut for it. Feel really lost.

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Well hello everyone,

I've really enjoyed reading everyone's posts as I feel like I am reading about myself.  I can't say that I've ever really connected with this many people , at one time, before.

Michelle, I wanted to look at something you had posted recently -
You frequently thought:

"...I'm destined to be in a career I love and I have everything I need to connect with something I'd love to do..."

Or something to that effect!

Maybe it would help to approach your career like a healthy INTP would approach any dysfunctional system...With determination, creativity and an absolute belief to the core of their being that this system can be made much better.

What is your brilliant intuition trying to tell you about potential directions for yourself that you are dismissing due to your belief that you are doomed?  I guarantee you, your intuition HAS been delivering you great ideas... "

I love this because I realize how easy it has always been for me to find "the answer" for everyone else in my life - my children, my ex-husband, friends, employers, but not myself.  And not as easy to see and correct those issues in my life.  My focus right now is to really look at the positive of who I am, what strengths I can bring to a situation and to stop the insanity (I'm sure we all know the definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results - :-))))))

Thanks to everyone for their ideas, their support and an identity that isn't as bizarre as many have made me feel.


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Hi my name is Abdus Samad and I recently discovered that i have an INTP personality. At the moment I'm still in high school finishing up my senior year (3-4 months left). I've been looking into what I would like to major in but nothing seems to appeal to me. Practically everyday I browse career after career career and I can never find something I want to do. Everyone around me says that I should do something that interest me or something I'm good at but sadly I don't really know what I enjoy (as pathetic as that seems) nor do I know what I'm good at. All I have to work with is what i found out I am INTP: Introvert, Intuitive, Thinker, Perceiver. I really would likr to decide on at "path" before I finish high school (even if i decide to change that path in the future) because I need to start looking for colleges to attend. Everyone says to Finish school first and worry about this stuff later but i don't like that idea. I want to find out what I'm going to do and then apply to a college which helps me to develop in the "area" rather than apply to some college that only helps people develop in "areas" I had no intention of improving. Well since this is a board of INTPs would it be possible if you guys could advise some careers to pursue? Also I need to get a part time job soon and I in no way plan to work in a fast food place or some superstore. Any advice on part time jobs too. [ideal job/career: no people, decent pay, love of the work, so much that i would do it for free, must keep me interested as my mind wanders every two seconds, time flexabilty, minimum stress or none, classes required for that career (college) aren't super complex as I'm not that great in math/science, prefer not to deal with computers, finally I detest paperwork as well as writing]. I wonder if there is even a job that meets such requirements........
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